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Highlander Athletics

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Highlander Athletics

Howell High School

Highlander Athletics

Howell High School

Team News.

Team News

1 month ago @ 5:59PM

Football Strength Challenge

Hello Howell Football families, friends, and fans! 

Please join us for our very first HHS Football STRENGTH CHALLENGE fundraiser.  On Tuesday, July 21st at 6:00 PM ending at approximately 8:30 PM at the high school (rain or shine), we will have a fundraiser filled with competition, fun, excitement, and prizes!  This will be a great team building event while bringing in donations that will help provide our team with needed supplies/equipment to have a successful season. 

Our players will be given the opportunity to challenge themselves and their teammates as they cycle through multiple stations to test strength, speed, agility, and team spirit.  They will be divided into small groups all starting at different stations and working their way through each obstacle.

They will each need to get “sponsors” who are willing to make a flat amount or “per pound” donation.

EXAMPLE:  $10 or $20 flat amount for entire event combined,  OR

$.03, $.05, $.10 per pound lifted for all events combined.

**If John lifts total 500# at $.10 that’s a $50 donation**

(They can lift quite a bit so keep that in mind)

These are just sample amounts, they will be grateful any donation.

They will begin asking for sponsors on July 7th. They will receive forms after camp on Tuesday. Collect donations up front as All money (except “per pound” donations) is due Tuesday, July 14th. (We will be at practice before and after to collect) “Per pound” donations will be due following the event, Thursday July 23rd

We can take cash, check((made to HHS Football), or online payments through the donate button below.   

Each player is being asked to meet a set goal of collecting $150.


All who meet the $150 goal will receive a ticket into a raffle.  Every $25 over the goal, they will get 1 extra ticket. 

There will be a prize for the Top 2 getting the most donations.

Please note the Player Name and Sponsor Name.

Player Name
Sponsor Name


Team News

4 months ago @ 7:31PM

Football Update 3/19

This is unprecedented times right now.  We are all trying to work together to end this new normal as quickly as possible.  Please keep in mind that people are trying to make very difficult decisions right now and our leadership is trying to do their best to keep all in mind.  Obviously with the happenings, please try to not let our kids get together in groups. Especially on Howell Public School grounds.  To my knowledge, Howell Football has always been leaders in the community.  Please keep our full district's best interest at heart.

We are currently looking into potential platforms for online teaching/face to face sessions.  This is at the beginning stages, but everyone is in the same boat and colleagues are starting to share resources.  Hopefully we can get something together in the near future.  

Current meetings and such are suspended per district policy.  Current summer schedule is staying as is, but be aware of potential changes at this point.  I will try and update as soon as possible. 

Please continue to check If you have not done so, please register for the upcoming year (Fall 2020). 


We have been posting virtual playbooks online via Hudl.  This pertains to the Offense and Defense for the upcoming season.  Please try and have our kids take 30 mins a day to just watch and look over the video.  We are not expecting them to be perfectly on point when we get back.  However, these videos are made to help you learn, hear and start to familiarize yourself with our terminology.

Athletic Performance Class:

Lastly, my hope is to get all of our student-athletes in the Athletic Performance classes during their days of High School.  We have suspended Class Registration for the time being which means it is remaining open.  Please try and get this class on your schedule if it allows. The hope is to have student-athletes in class...

2nd Semester Sophomore Year

All Junior Year

1st Semester Senior Year

(You can take it more semesters if it fits into schedule)

If our kids are entering into any 3 of those school age brackets, it makes life easier by taking a PE class during school to get the proper Strength & Conditioning session in throughout High School.  This is NOT mandatory.  However, it would be a great benefit to the program and Howell Athletics overall if everyone were to sign up for this class.  No more before school or after school lifts.  Get it done during the day. Plus, so many other benefits it is hard to stress via email.  It is an important piece to help the program build. See if it can work for your schedule. This would be the time. Please email your counselor if you are running into any problems.  They are willing to help.

Please let me know if I can be of assistance to anyone.  I have confidence we will stick together as One Howell during this tough time.  

Coach Lewis

Team News

5 months ago @ 4:41PM

Highlander Club Meeting Monday, March 16 @6:30pm

Come on out to the first meeting of the Highlander Club and support your 20-21 Howell High School football team.  Meet in the Cafeteria.
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